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Black Kite (2) 2 birds on the main Strath to Goolwa rd just South of the town.

  Reported by Winston Syson - 18/07/2016 03:06:02 PM   

Palmer Place, North Adelaide

Mistletoebird (1) Adult male feeding in a tiny clump of mistletoe in a small roadside tree.

  Reported by Kevin Stracey - 30/06/2016 02:59:11 PM   

Education Rd Woodcroft 5162

Peregrine Falcon (1) Peregrine flew in and landed on top of transmission tower, an adult , but no size comparison to determine sex, very dark hood, after brief time flew to east. Good to see again in this area.

  Reported by William Brooker - 29/06/2016 08:19:16 PM   

Black Point, Y. P.

Double-banded Plover (24) In a flock of 52 shorebirds, with 12 Red-capped Plover & 16 overwintering Red-necked Stint.

When disturbed this flock flew onto a band of seaweed, which camouflaged them really well. I took photos from a distance, pointing the camera in what I hoped was the right spot. The 2 photos are of rather poor quality, but when enlarged greatly did allow a count of part of the flock.
  Reported by Margaret Tiller - 24/06/2016 05:14:10 PM   
JPG files - 2 files

Hindmarsh River estuary, Victor Harbor

Hooded Plover (2) Two birds foraging along the beach near the Hindmarsh River mouth.

  Reported by Nathaniel Doecke - 13/06/2016 09:10:01 PM   

Murray Mouth from Hindmarsh Island

Bar-tailed Godwit (6) Observed from the lookout foraging close to the Eastern edge of the channel.

  Reported by Winston Syson - 08/06/2016 03:35:57 PM   

Chappel Road Hindmarsh Island

Peaceful Dove (15) Flock of 15 foraging at the side of the road. For me it is the first time seen in this area.
Common Greenshank (3) Birds were feeding on a sand spit in the middle of the channel.

  Reported by Winston Syson - 08/06/2016 03:26:45 PM   

Victor Harbor

Northern Giant-Petrel (1) Immature bird swimming by The Bluff Jetty at the end of Franklin Parade, hoping for scraps from the fishermen.
Brown Quail (6) Earlier in the afternoon on Granite Island, a foraging group passed close to us, unconcerned as we stood quietly, some feeding only 2m from our feet. There were also calls between members of the group. Meanwhile, less quiet park users passed by on the path only 10m away.
Buff-banded Rail (1) A ridiculously tame bird was again foraging near the (closed) Granite Island cafe.

  Reported by Kevin Stracey - 28/05/2016 08:53:46 PM   

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