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Date Sighting Views

Point Sturt Peninsular

Fork-tailed Swift (20) Small flock observed. Weather clear and warm with a moderate breeze.

  Reported by Michaela and Simeon Doecke - 22/11/2017 09:41:06 AM   

Tolderol Game Reserve Langhorne Creek

Endangered - Name Hidden (3)

  Reported by Winston Syson - 13/11/2017 10:27:57 AM   

Tolderol Game Reserve

Australasian Bittern (3) A single bird initially seen some 20 metres from the car and photo's taken of the bird furtively moving off into the high vegetation with photos also of it adopting its cryptic pose. We were just congratulating ourselves on this awesome find when I spotted two more on the other side of this lagoon, but only by the setting sun on the tips of their cryptically posed beaks. Photos also taken and a couple of ordinary shots of them in flight obtained also.

  Reported by Anthony John Bainbridge - 05/11/2017 08:48:36 AM   

Port Elliot

Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoo (7) I observed the birds flying over the old church yard near the school. I'm seeing the birds most days as they forage for Pine cones.

  Reported by Winston Syson - 03/11/2017 08:47:48 AM   

Middleton Point Fleurieu Peninsula

Sooty Oystercatcher (6) The 6 adult birds were resting on the sand near the rocks just out from the lookout.

  Reported by Winston Syson - 03/11/2017 08:41:01 AM   

Stan Farquar Reserve Hayborough.

Baillon's Crake (1) Foraging along the edge of the pond. many other water birds on this single catchment pond.
Fairy Martin (1) I counted 42 nest being built some occupied rather remarkably under the eves of 2 nearby houses. One was a 2 story and the other a single story. Well done the property owners.

  Reported by Winston Syson - 03/11/2017 08:36:20 AM   

Point Sturt Peninsular

White-bellied Sea-Eagle (1) A young bird circling high, then flying towards the south.

  Reported by Michaela Doecke - 31/10/2017 02:24:21 PM   

Salt Creek Road, Salt Creek

Eastern Yellow Robin (1) First alerted to this bird in dense roadside vegetation by its characteristic call, then briefly saw it.

  Reported by Nathaniel and Michaela Doecke - 31/10/2017 11:21:54 AM   

Bird sanctuary Milang

Latham's Snipe (1) Single bird flew across the area just in front of the Shacks

  Reported by Winston Syson - 29/10/2017 10:55:33 AM   

Tolderol Game reserve Langhorne Creek

Black Falcon (1) Bird flew over quite low.
Sharp-tailed Sandpiper (1000) Large numbers foraging in Shamphire and then when disturbed flew in a huge flock over the pond we were surveying.

  Reported by Winston Syson - 29/10/2017 10:50:32 AM   

Clayton Bay

Freckled Duck (40) Birds were resting along the edge of the pond with Grey Teal.

  Reported by Winston Syson - 29/10/2017 10:42:04 AM   

Beyond wetlands Hayborough

Freckled Duck (1) Single bird was roosting on a log in the last pond near the underpass just off Pt. Elliot road.
Black-winged Stilt (4) Interesting because I spotted a bird on a nest in the same pond as the freckled duck.

  Reported by Winston Syson - 26/10/2017 07:56:46 PM   


On our Rockleigh property

Fairy Martin (2) Only 2 weeks ago we added species 85 (dusky woodswallows), and then on Saturday species 86 made an appearance. 2 fairy martins were swooping along the creek line before sitting on the fence, showing their rusty heads. When we bought the property 9 years ago we found a few broken fairy martin nests under a rock ledge. Wouldn't it be good if they started nesting again?

  Reported by Barbara and Peter Bansemer - 23/10/2017 09:16:41 PM   

Clayton Bay

Freckled Duck (80+) At least 80 Freckled Duck, in the lagoon adjacent to Alexandrina Drive this afternoon! Highest number I have recorded here.

  Reported by Nathaniel Doecke - 18/10/2017 06:10:08 PM   

Tolderol Reserve

Ruddy Turnstone (1) An extremely rare sighting of a single Ruddy Turnstone on Pond #2 at Tolderol with photographs taken.

  Reported by Anthony John Bainbridge - 18/10/2017 04:56:05 PM   

Whites Rd Globe Derby Park

Australian Painted Snipe (4) 3 adult females and 1 juvenile or possibly male bird. Seen by numerous observers with photos taken.

  Reported by William Brooker - 17/10/2017 04:48:11 PM   

On our Rockleigh property

Dusky Woodswallow (2) At last, another new species ! Bird #85; the previous addition of a new bird was in February 2016. There were 2 woodswallows huddled together on a tree branch in the creekline, canoodling and preening each other. Later I only saw the larger bird and wondered if his (her?) advances had been rejected.
Rainbow Bee-eater (1) The bee-eater announced his/her arrival by the call. Next morning I seemed to hear calls in several places, but maybe the one bird was moving around. Last year a flock of 10-12 showed up on Sept 20th.
White-plumed Honeyeater (1) Last time a white-plumed honeyeater was seen or heard was almost two and half years ago. They are rare visitors.
Elegant Parrot (1) Another unusual visitor was a sole elegant parrot, flitting between trees in the creek line.

A good day's birding while we were weeding (Scabiosa, bridal creeper, false caper, which keep coming back when we think we have won). A group of 4 white-winged choughs were in the creekline. Last year they built a nest, but a fierce rain storm washed it out. The only raptore seen for quite some time was a pair of Nankeen kestrels. A couple of years ago there was often a brown falcon cruising around, and occasionally a pair of wedgies. All in all, 22 species seen or heard.
  Reported by Barbara and Peter Bansemer - 11/10/2017 06:28:35 PM   

Port Clinton, Yorke Peninsula

Grey-tailed Tattler (3) Flew from the rocks near the old jetty car park at the north end of the beach at high tide.
Blue-winged Parrot (2) In the coastal scrub beyond the old jetty car park.
Greater Sand Plover (2) Towering over a large group of Red-necked Stint, Red-capped Plover and Curlew Sandpiper at their high tide roost towards the southern end of the beach.

  Reported by Kevin Stracey - 08/10/2017 08:36:39 PM   

Mac's Beach, Price, Yorke Peninsula

Eastern Curlew (3) At the northern end of the beach.
Masked Woodswallow (30) Emerged twice in a chattering flock from the coastal scrub.
White-browed Woodswallow (6) In the Masked Woodswallow flock.
Blue-winged Parrot (6) In the coastal scrub.

  Reported by Kevin Stracey - 08/10/2017 08:25:07 PM   

Gregory Street Port Elliot

Black-chinned Honeyeater (1) Calling loudly from a SA Blue gum. Also heard on 27/09/2017

  Reported by Winston Syson - 02/10/2017 03:16:32 PM   
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