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Date Sighting Views

Beyond housing development wetlands Haybourgh

Black-tailed Native-hen (70) Native hens can be found in most wetland areas on the South Coast at the moment.
Horsfield's Bronze-Cuckoo (1) Bird was perched down low on a wire fence. 39 species recorded from this site over a 2 hour period

  Reported by Winston Syson - 02/09/2017 02:08:10 PM   

Gregory Street Port Elliot

Southern Boobook (1) Bird was calling from SA Blue Gums on the 25th and 28th. Called for about 10 mins.

  Reported by Winston Syson - 29/08/2017 02:24:32 PM   

Kings Beach Encounter Bay

White-bellied Sea-Eagle (1) Bird was flying high in a Westerly direction between West Island and the mainland.

  Reported by Winston Syson - 29/08/2017 02:20:51 PM   

Kent Reserve Victor Harbor

Hooded Plover (3) 3 adult birds were close to the shore line 2 were flagged.

  Reported by Winston Syson - 29/08/2017 02:17:03 PM   

Watson's Gap Hayborough

Hooded Plover (6) 6 adult birds were foraging close to surf line. 2 birds were flagged.

  Reported by Winston Syson - 29/08/2017 02:13:07 PM   

On our Rockleigh

White-browed Babbler (10-12) Babblers appear from time to time in one of the creek lines. On Sunday they were in the dense Acacias near the shed, moving from one bush to another. This is the first time they have come to pay a close visit, very exciting. It has taken 9 years for our place to start looking as if it is well-vegetated, but apart from places where nothing seems to grow (a steep rocky hillside) there is now bird habitat everywhere.

  Reported by Barbara and Peter Bansemer - 22/08/2017 08:50:50 AM   

Highbury Linear Park

Tawny Frogmouth (1) Sighted near Athelstone House on the Linear Park, Highbury. A pair was sighted in this area a couple of years ago but seemed to be missing from the area for a time. Twas good to see this one back.
Little Grassbird (1) Heard calling from the wetlands in the Linear Park at Highbury.

  Reported by Graham Crooks - 19/08/2017 01:13:04 PM   


Square-tailed Kite (1) Low flypast over the eastern end of the Linear Park at Highbury. It circled several times around tree top height and was harassed by local Ravens, Magpies and Magpie-larks before heading north along the Hills face zone towards Ansteys Hill.

  Reported by Graham Crooks - 19/08/2017 01:06:19 PM   

Murray Mouth Hindmarsh Island

Fairy Tern (14) Birds were on a sand spit East of the mouth along with big numbers of both Crested and Caspian Terns.
Pied Oystercatcher (30) These birds along with two Sooty were in the same area as the Terns.

  Reported by Winston Syson - 14/08/2017 08:00:07 PM   

Mundoo Island Coorong

Banded Lapwing (14) Birds were in a large flat well grazed paddock. property owner informs me that they breed here.
Black-tailed Native-hen (40) In a paddock close to a channel

  Reported by Winston Syson - 14/08/2017 07:53:50 PM   

Denver road Hindmarsh Island

Cape Barren Goose (38) Birds were feeding in a Paddock.

  Reported by Winston Syson - 04/08/2017 04:01:21 PM   

The Mouth of the river Murray Hindmarsh Island

Fairy Tern (6) Birds were roosting on the sand along side big numbers of Caspian and Crested Tern
Pied Oystercatcher (40) Birds were roosting in shallow water and scattered amid other species.
Great Cormorant (1000) Huge numbers of these and other cormorants were flying to and fro up and down the channel many more were on the far Ocean beach. with huge numbers of birds to be seen now is the time to visit the mouth. 26 species counted

  Reported by Winston Syson - 04/08/2017 03:56:11 PM   

The Mouth of the Murray Hindmarsh Island

Red-necked Avocet (450) Birds were in two tight groups in shallow water East of the mouth
Red-necked Stint (^0) Birds were running around on the sand
Red-capped Plover (20) Birds were mixed in with the Stints
Bar-tailed Godwit (6) Over wintering birds were roosting along side the Avocet

  Reported by Winston Syson - 04/08/2017 03:45:46 PM   

Newland Head Conservation Park Waitpinga Northern area of park.

Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoo (100) The largest flock I have ever seen in the park. The birds were feeding on Hahea and Drooping Sheoak in one of our newer re vegetation areas.
White-bellied Sea-Eagle (1) The juvenile bird was souring high above us in the southern area of the park and only a short distance from the known nesting area.

  Reported by Winston Syson - 31/07/2017 03:25:47 PM   

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