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Date Sighting Views

Watson's Gap Hayborough

Endangered - Name Hidden (2)

  Reported by Winston Syson - 19/04/2017 01:53:36 PM   

Gregory Street Port Elliot

Black-chinned Honeyeater (1) Single bird was calling from SA Blue Gum( Eucalyptus leocoxylon)

  Reported by Winston Syson - 19/04/2017 01:48:53 PM   


Fork-tailed Swift (50) Birds were hawking over area of Newland Head CP close to gate 3 just off of Dennis road Waitpinga along with a number of Welcome Swallows.

  Reported by Winston Syson - 09/04/2017 09:15:28 AM   

Tolderol Game Reserve

Little Curlew (1) Feeding along a track between two flooded areas, beyond the picnic table. We thought we had missed our chance of catching up with this species' mini irruption.

  Reported by Kevin Stracey - 08/04/2017 10:26:44 PM   

Gregory Street Port Elliot

Black-chinned Honeyeater (1) Bird was calling from a Eucalyptus leucoxylon,bird uses this tree quite often.

  Reported by Winston Syson - 06/04/2017 03:53:45 PM   

On our Rockleigh property

Crested Pigeon (3) 8 days previously the crested pigeon nest just outside our shed had 2 feathered but tiny chicks huddled together on the 'nest' (a loose collection of short sticks). As we drove past the bush the parents flew out. We parked and crept close, finding just one chick on the nest, the spitting image of its parents complete with crest, but a miniature version. It looked at us, and flew into another bush with very muted wing noise. We hope its sibling had already fledged.

  Reported by Barbara and Peter Bansemer - 03/04/2017 07:58:15 PM   

The Marina Hindmarsh Island SA

Royal Spoonbill (20) Flock was roosting within the Marina area and could only be approached by boat.
Common Greenshank (9) Small flock in with Spoonbill
Black-winged Stilt (10) Adults and juveniles some area has Greenshank.
Cape Barren Goose (20) Birds flew over going West. Also later 50 birds were observed flying West over Wolworths car Park Goolwa.

  Reported by Winston Syson - 03/04/2017 03:04:35 PM   

Beyond wetlands Hayborough SA

Freckled Duck (2) Birds were roosting on a small log in the middle of the large pond near the underpass on the Port Elliot road.

  Reported by Winston Syson - 28/03/2017 03:12:27 PM   

Murray Bridge SA

Black-chinned Honeyeater (1) At Waterford Estate, Murray Bridge. First time I have seen these in the Murray Bridge area.

Poor pics attached

  Reported by Gordon Pateman - 27/03/2017 09:58:24 AM   
JPG files - 2 files

On our Rockleigh property

Crested Pigeon (3) A few weeks ago we twice flushed a common bronzewing out of a very dense Hakea bush near our shed. Then 2 weeks ago we found a nest with 2 large white eggs, which fitted some of the Google images of bronzewing eggs. Wrong ! Today there are 2 tiny feathered crested pigeons ! The parent flew out, and the baby with its head sticking up has a very conspicuous crest. Sorry, no photos, the bush is too dense to get a clear image.
Eastern Spinebill (1) For the first time in the 8 years we have owned our place, I thought I heard a spinebill calling. Then I had a very brief glimpse of the silhouette of the bird with its long down-curved bill. This was added to our species list at number 84.
White-winged Chough (7) A small party of choughs comes and goes, and for a while they roosted under our veranda, making an unimaginable mess of droppings on table and chairs and the old Subaru. Then they went elsewhere a couple of months ago, and I was just about to get out scrubbing brush and hot water to clean up. Then, guess what, the unmistakeable sound of choughs in the creekbed. I spent the day weeding instead.
New Holland Honeyeater (4) A small group of New Holland honeyeaters uses the trees in the creek line from time to time. In 2016 we only saw them from January to March, in 2015 from March to June. They have reappeared this month and are feeding on flowers of Eucalyptus occidentalis, a Western Australian species that shouldn't be there. These eucs grow in damp places; they seeded prolifically after the bushfire, and are now forming a dense stand along the creek. Birds love them, and it is usually our best birding spot.

  Reported by Barbara and Peter Bansemer - 25/03/2017 09:37:11 PM   

Globe Derby Park

Eastern Reef Egret (1) refer to green legs?
Great Egret (1) non breeding plumage?

  Reported by Heather Connolly - 23/03/2017 08:14:44 PM   

Goolwa Ponds (Hessell Road ) Goolwa

Freckled Duck (1) Single bird on big pond along with 300 Coot
Australian Spotted Crake (1) Single bird in the overflow area.
Black-fronted Dotterel (7) Birds were in the overflow area

  Reported by Winston Syson - 22/03/2017 03:21:51 PM   

Clayton Bay

Fork-tailed Swift (60) At least 60 Swifts flying high overhead.
Black-chinned Honeyeater (1) An adult Black-chin observed in eucalypts along Pearce Street.Black-chins are still regularly seen/heard around Clayton.

  Reported by Nathaniel Doecke - 11/03/2017 04:46:25 PM   

Point Sturt Peninsula

Fork-tailed Swift (40) Around 40 Swifts flying over from the southwest to the north east.Around 20 minutes later they returned, and disappeared towards the south.

  Reported by Nathaniel Doecke - 11/03/2017 04:20:18 PM   

Adelaide...Seaview Downs

White-throated Needletail (20+) 20 or so birds even higher than usual. Heard then found with difficulty.

  Reported by Colin Theakstone - 10/03/2017 09:44:44 AM   

Gregory Street Port Elliot 5212

Black-chinned Honeyeater (1) Single bird foraging in a South Australian Blue Gum.Bird was constantly calling.

  Reported by Winston Syson - 04/03/2017 02:00:40 PM   

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