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Date Sighting Views

Whites Rd wetlands

Singing Honeyeater (1) With food - photo attached
Laughing Kookaburra (1) Searching for brecky - photo attached
Rainbow Lorikeet (1) This is my house - photo attached

  Reported by Gordon Pateman - 11/02/2016 12:26:50 PM   
JPG files - 3 files

Apex Park West Beach

Freckled Duck (1)

By itself, away from the other ducks ( mostly Black Duck, Teal and a selection of hybrids) and it hid itself when it saw us. (2 bird watching)
  Reported by Elizabeth MacIlwain - 08/02/2016 08:51:29 PM   

Barker Inlet

Freckled Duck (2) Barker Inlet , 2 Freckled Duck along with 20 Shoveler and about same number of Pink eared Duck on pond just to west of locked gate (north of highway) also 20 Banded Stilt on small salt pond on eastern side of gate.

  Reported by William Brooker - 07/02/2016 10:01:20 PM   

Whites Rd Wetlands

European Goldfinch (1) This (I think young) Goldfinch was seen feeding on thistles at Whites Rd this morning. Thanks to Joe at ID Help for the ID. Photo attached.

  Reported by Gordon Pateman - 06/02/2016 03:31:35 PM   
JPG files - 1 files

Whites Rd wetlands

Australasian Grebe (1) With juvenile and also feeding juvenile. When feeding, the juvenile was "on its side" to accept the food, which is unlike other birds I have seen feeding. Photos attached

  Reported by Gordon Pateman - 04/02/2016 02:13:18 PM   
JPG files - 2 files


Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoo (1) 1 female had been feeding for several days on roadside Aleppo Pine seeds. 3km east of Minlaton. It's my first sighting for YP.

  Reported by Kent Treloar - 25/01/2016 09:21:40 PM   

Whites Rd Wetlands

Brown Quail (1) These two were on the paddock side of the path at the end of the largest (and last) pond.

First time I have seen them here and by the location maps in most bird books this would be at the end of their habitat range. Photos attached.

  Reported by Gordon Pateman - 16/01/2016 01:52:17 PM   
JPG files - 6 files

Onkaparinga Recreation Park

Buff-banded Rail (1) Observed walking along the waters edge amongst the reeds, feeding with swamphens.

This observation was during the Birds SA visit to the wetlands.
  Reported by Birdpedia - 16/01/2016 11:10:49 AM   

Onkaparinga Recreation Park

Latham's Snipe (1) Initially heard then a bird observed landing amongst the reeds implying there may be more than one. Later observed flying to the western side of the pond where is was again flushed, flying off to the newly constructed wetland.

This observation was during the Birds SA visit to the wetlands.
  Reported by Birdpedia - 16/01/2016 11:09:52 AM   

Port Artur, Clinton CP

Banded Lapwing (25) At low tide at the top of the beach, immediately below the turning circle.

  Reported by Kevin Stracey - 11/01/2016 12:44:28 PM   

Laratinga Wetlands

Latham's Snipe (1) Two brief sightings of one bird moving in and out of the reeds.
Spotless Crake (1) Good views of one bird foraging on the mud close to the reeds.
Baillon's Crake (3) Very good views on three different ponds. One bird was within five metres and seemed unconcerned by our presence.
Australian Spotted Crake (5) Five birds seen on different ponds.
Common Sandpiper (1) One bird seen on picnic area side Pond Eleven. Seen again on the other side of the pond and could have been the same bird or maybe a second ?

Enid Pascoe, Bill Mountain and I visited Laratinga after the BirdsSA Angas River walk.

Together we saw 47 species.

Most ponds have very little water and some are completely dry.

The Latham's Snipe, the Spotless Crake, one Baillon's Crake and one Spotted Crake were all seen on the same pond!

We also had better than average views of about six Little Grassbirds feeding, and saw a group of five Common Bronzewing feeding together.

There was a large number of Pink-eared Ducks on the sewerage ponds. We could not find any Freckled Ducks.

  Reported by Rod Tetlow - 10/01/2016 12:04:43 PM   

Picks Swamp, Piccanninie Ponds CP.

Brolga (2) 2 Brolgas feeding in a patch of grass/sedges on the edge of the swamp.
Magpie Goose (35+) At least 35 birds feeding among the Water Ribbons in the swamp.

  Reported by Nathaniel Doecke - 07/01/2016 09:05:03 PM   

Lower Glenelg Conservation Park/Nelson/Lower Glenelg NP

Pied Currawong (2+) Several birds heard calling while walking in the Lower Glenelg Conservation Park, a few hundred metres west of the SA/Vic border.
White-throated Needletail (30+) A flock of Needletails flying just above the Nelson-Portland Road just out of Nelson (about 6 KM east of the SA border).

Other interesting species seen in the adjacent Lower Glenelg NP include good numbers of Gang-Gang Cockatoos feeding on seeding Acacias, Azure Kingfisher and Red-tailed Black Cockatoo at Moleside Creek,and great views of 2 Olive Whistlers at Forest Camp!

  Reported by Nathaniel Doecke - 07/01/2016 09:24:03 PM   

St Kilda - Area in front of St Kilda Beach Hotel and along pathway towards the playground.

Banded Stilt (+1000) Not less than a few thousand birds feeding on the receding tide. It was by far the highest number I have ever seen feeding together at one site.
Red-capped Plover (+80) Feeding on the beach area with some juveniles amongst the group
Red-necked Stint (+200) One large group feeding together, and a few singles running around with the Red-capped Plovers
Whiskered Tern (80) None were flying, all were roosting on the sand
Black Swan (+200) The usual number of Swans swimming just offshore and some roosting

Also seen were small numbers of both Oystercatcher species, and another 15 species of the common birds around this area

It was very windy and not a good day for birding and using a scope was pointless.

  Reported by Rod Tetlow - 03/01/2016 10:09:22 PM   

Tanunda Sewage Ponds

Blue-billed Duck (50) 36 on the last upper pond and 14 on the last lower pond.
Pink-eared Duck (100s) Mostly on the upper ponds.
Freckled Duck (1) Near the platform on the last upper pond.
Musk Duck (1) On the last lower pond.
Zebra Finch (2) On the fence along Golf Links Road, and subsequently on the track to the lower ponds.

  Reported by Kevin Stracey - 02/01/2016 09:40:21 PM   

Goolwa Channel Hindmarsh Is

Pacific Golden Plover (50) Nice to see Golden Plovers back in channel albeit well upstream of Murray Mouth (lot of disturbance from dredge)
Black-faced Cormorant (3) Adult and two imm birds on channel beacon a considerable distance upstream.

  Reported by William Brooker - 30/12/2015 07:22:43 AM   

Tolderol Game Reserve

White-winged Black Tern (3) Seen from photo point 1 feeding on the wing with some of the hundreds (thousands?) of Whiskered Terns. Along with many other species including large numbers of waders and ducks, the inundated wetlands are currently a magnificent spectacle.

  Reported by Kevin Stracey - 28/12/2015 11:52:26 AM   

Flying over our garden at St Peters

Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoo (1) We have not seen or heard a YTBC at St Peters since November 2014. This bird flew over making such a racket it couldn't be missed.

  Reported by Barbara and Peter Bansemer - 27/12/2015 07:12:06 AM   

Point Sturt Peninsula

Fork-tailed Swift (150+) A dense flock of at least 150 birds (possibly many more)- hanging around and feeding overhead for several hours. Some were coming within about 5 metres of the ground.

  Reported by Nathaniel Doecke - 19/12/2015 01:05:28 PM   

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