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Date Sighting Views

Dam adjacent to Stuart Highway, approx 63 km N of Marla

Glossy Ibis (1) Single bird at the northern dam.
Black Falcon (2) A pair flying around above the southern dam.
Black-winged Stilt (1) Immature bird feeding on northern dam.
Spotted Harrier (2) A pair at the southern dam.
Australian Wood Duck (2)
Pink-eared Duck (NR)

These two dams- both reasonably full- were alive with birdlife coming in to drink in the heat of a 42 degree day. 26 species were observed in about half an hour, including 6 raptor species, hundreds of Zebra Finches, and plenty of Budgerigars and Diamond Doves. Definitely worth a look if you are up that way!
  Reported by Nathaniel Doecke - 08/01/2018 11:58:33 AM   

Tolderol Game Reserve Langhorne Creek

Oriental Pratincole (1) After a long search in Bay 10 the bird was spotted laying down on a mud bank alongside 2 Red-kneed Dotterel. I observed it for 30mins though a 20x scope.A second Pratincole was spotted at the same time by 3 other the same area but we did not at that time have have a good enough look to definitely identify the species.
Black-tailed Godwit (1) A single bird resting in with a large group of Black-winged Stilt in Bay 11

  Reported by Winston Syson - 01/01/2018 10:50:04 PM   

Tolderol Game Reserve

Oriental Pratincole (1) Oriental Pratincole , one bird present in bay 10, loafing and taking short swift flights returning to or near take off point.

  Reported by William Brooker - 24/12/2017 07:44:00 PM   

Clayton Bay

Freckled Duck (105+) At least 105 Freckled Ducks on the Clayton Bay Lagoon this morning,many loafing on the grassy verges,with the rest spread out across the lagoon. They have been here in fluctuating numbers for the last 2 months or so,but this is the highest number I've counted!
Black-chinned Honeyeater (3) Black-chinned Honeyeaters continue to be resident around the township, (I last recorded them yesterday afternoon). I suspect they have bred here again this season, as I recorded a possible juvenile bird giving begging calls and following the adults around in a Sugar Gums woodlot around 2 weeks ago, (didn't get a chance to have a good look at it though).

  Reported by Nathaniel Doecke - 10/12/2017 09:21:47 PM   

On our Rockleigh property

Fairy Martin (6) Fairy martins have moved back in. Therre may be more than 6. Have you tried counting low-flying birds whizzing past your head at high speed ? They had been nesting before 2008 (we saw the remnants of mud nests under a rock overhang when we bought our land), but had not been seen again till October this year. Now there are at least 5 active nests in the same place, with martins flying in and out. Presumably they have babies.
Brown Falcon (2) Brown falcons have been somewhere else since July. There were alarm calls (I thought) and a bird flew along the creek line with something small and dark in its talons, with a Willie wagtail in hot pursuit. The victim was a lot bigger than a mouse, my guess is it was a fairy martin, or maybe a welcome swallow. The falcon perched on a fence post some distance off, holding its victim down on the post. The calls continued, and another brown falcon appeared. The birds exchanged the prey, and the second bird flew off, while the first bird continued sitting on the fence post. The Willie wagtail came and shooed it off, and it went and sat in a tree, where I discovered that the so-called alarm call had been the falcon, as it continued calling. Was the first falcon calling to the second to say it had caught some tasty tucker for their falcon chicks ? If not, why didn't the first bird just enjoy its meal, instead of handing it to the second bird ? I'll probably never know.

  Reported by Barbara and Peter Bansemer - 12/12/2017 12:17:03 PM   

Point Sturt Peninsular

Fork-tailed Swift (20) Small flock observed. Weather clear and warm with a moderate breeze.

  Reported by Michaela and Simeon Doecke - 22/11/2017 09:41:06 AM   

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