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 LC    Yellow-cheeked Tit* Id (Atlas):
    Parus spilonotus

Description (1)
Image of Yellow-cheeked Tit

Other Names (World)
Yellow-cheeked Tit, Black-spotted Yellow Tit, Chinese Yellow Tit (rex)

Paridae (Titmice)

13.50 - 15.50 cm

First Described (Guide)
Bonaparte, 1850

Subtropical and tropical lowland and montane moist forest. Also, temperate forest, rural gardens, plantation. From 350 - 3,100 m.

Range (Guide)
Bangladesh, Bhutan, China (mainland), Hong Kong (China), India, Laos (B), Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam.

Rarity Status
Currently this species is not classified as a rarity in this country OR information has not been updated.

Estimated population is unknown (2010).

Status LC
For more information see BirdLife International Species Factsheet.

Forms a superspecies with Black-lored Tit (Parus xanthogenys), and has in the past been considered conspecific. Subspecies intergrade widely.

The following 4 subspecies are recognised:

  • spilonotus Bonaparte, 1850
  •   -  Eastern Himalayas from eastern Nepal east to north-eastern India (including northern Assam), northern and western Myanmar and south-western China (southern Xizang).
  • subviridis Blyth, 1855
  •   -  North-eastern India (southern Assam south to Manipur), Myanmar (except north, western and central), northern Thailand and southern China (western Yunnan).
  • rex David, 1874
  •   -  Southern and south-eastern China (southern Sichuan and southern and eastern Yunnan east to Fujian and southern Zhejiang), northern Laos and north-western Vietnam.
  • basileus (Delacour, 1932)
  •   -  Southern Laos and south-central Vietnam.

See References.

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