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Search by Color

An Important Note about Searching By Color

This feature is not fully implemented and data is still incomplete so not all species can be found using a color search. Only species NOT marked with a # in lists can be searched for.

Identifying a bird by its coloration is how most people identify a species. Quite often the color of a birds breast is all that is required to make a positive identification. Other times identification can be extremely difficult. As a means of making identification by color simple this page is divided into several descrete regions of the birds anatomy.

The following anatomical areas can be used to search


Guidelines for searching by color

You may search for a bird by its size and/or color. Consult the Color Guide for information on how to search using colors.

The parts of the bird are divided into sections (Guide). You may enter colors for any number of parts.

After entering your size range and/or color you may find all matches by clicking the Search button.

Search by Size

If you know the size of the bird enter it here (units: cm ).

  • Range (Guide)

Color of a Section

Enter a color in one or more locations. To increase the likelihood of a match fill in more than one box. Note however, that ALL colors will be considered when looking for a match.

If size has been entered the list will be further restricted based on size.

  • General (Guide)
  • Head (Guide)
  • Head - Stripe (Guide)
  • Body (Guide)
  • Wings (Guide)
  • Tail (Guide)
  • Legs (Guide)
  • Area

By clicking the button below ALL of the color values and the size restriction you may have entered above will be considered when trying to find matches.

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You may also check any of the following to modify the return format
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