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Country Map and Divisions

The map below indicates how the country is divided in relation to Birding (Click Map for a larger image). For more information about the regions see 'Search by Location'.

Country Map - click for a larger image

Each species is assigned to one or more of the above areas. Species lists can be obtained for the country as whole or for each of the areas indicated above. In some cases each area is further sub-divided.

Search Options

You can search for a species using any of the following options:
  • General Search
  • Search by Name, Family, Size and Normal Range
  • By Color
  • Search by the color of a particular part or parts, including size
  • Endangered
  • Search by or list Endangered or vulnerable species
  • Origin
  • Search by or list species origin
  • Abundance
  • Search by or list species abundance
  • Classified
  • Search by or list species by who first described or when they were first described
  • Breeding
  • Search by or list species normal or unusual breeding season