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Country Map and Divisions

The map below indicates how the country is divided in relation to Birding (Click Map for a larger image). For more information about the regions see 'Search by Location'.

Country Map - click for a larger image

Each species is assigned to one or more of the above areas. Species lists can be obtained for the country as whole or for each of the areas indicated above. In some cases each area is further sub-divided.

Need a Species List for Australia

If you are looking for a complete listing of all bird species you can download one from Birdpedia...

The list is in HTML format but a link to an XML version (ZIP file) can be found at the bottom of the list.


Test your Identification Skills

How are your skills at bird identification? How about trying to identify birds by their appearance - click the 'What Bird is That?' link to the left.

Too easy? What about from their calls? Click the 'What Bird Call is That?' link at the left.

The Field Guide

Having trouble identifying a bird in the field? It had a red forehead and yellow legs. Try using our search features and see what you can find in our Field Guide.

You can search for a species in several ways - by its name (common, scientific), family (common, scientific), Id (Atlas) number, color and size and even location (area).

What species are breeding at this time of year? Which species are most common - or rare? Who first described the species and when? Which are endangered or vulnerable? You can find out more by using the 'Search' facilities.

Record a Sighting

Have you seen a rare species or a species outside of its normal range? Record your observation by selecting 'Sightings', so that others may know about your discovery.

Would you like to be notified if a particular species is sighted in your area? Then sign up - just locate the species and follow the links (Members only).

To report General sightings (one or more species), select (Members only):

To report Specific Species* sightings (one species with specific details), select (Members only):

Note: *Only members that have requested notification of a species will be notified when you post a Specific Species Sighting (see Help below). In contrast, ALL members that have activated their notification request, will be notified when you post a General Sighting. For full details on who and when members are notified please consult the Help files.

Please see our Specific Species Sighting Report Page or General Sighting Report Page for more details.


See 'Classification' (Current: HBW - BirdLife (v3)) to learn about the classification of Birds.

Contribute an Article or other Information

Would you like to contribute an article about a particular species? Go to the Species information page and follow the links.

How about an article about your favorite Reserve or Birding Site? Go to the Reserves information page and follow the links.

You can also contribute articles of general interest. Go to your Home page and select the 'Articles' link.

Database Gallery

View member contributions to the Database.

View species Ranges.

Do you have a feature you would like to see implemented?

Are there any features missing that you feel would be useful? Then let us know about them. Just select the 'Make a comment' link found at the bottom of this page (and most pages).